Something's Burning + The Marigny

Something's Burning + The Marigny

The Marigny, a small winery that’s big on fun, believes great wines don’t have to be saved. So go ahead, open these while you’re cooking dinner, during the game or just because you feel like it. We’re for it.

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"Wine Like Beverage!"


Made from the pomace of our much fancier wines, our Piquette is 4.20% ABV, no-sugar, fizzy #partywater capable of bringing light into every situation.

 OR.... if you cray:

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Our vineyards are managed sustainably and organically by a crew that you can count on your fingers. Our winemaking process does not include any additives or additions.

Pronounced: The MAR-ah-nee

Our namesake is the spirit, big love, and big fun of the famed New Orlean's neighborhood, Faubourg Marigny. Our winemaker, Andrew Reginald Young, comes from (at least) seven generations of Louisianians