Frequently Asked Questions

What happens once I place my order?

If the temperature outside is safe for wine (at every step of the way between you and Oregon), you order is processed within 48 hours and you will receive a shipping update from UPS shortly thereafter... unless you live in California...

If you live in California, your wine must first ship to Napa (for compliance reasons), before it can be entered into the UPS system. We hire trucks to drive our wine from Oregon to Napa every Friday. Once your wine arrives, and is processed, in Napa UPS will add it to their system and you'll receive a notification. This is due to California regulations. You will not receive a notification until your wine is in Napa. Sorry... we know it's annoying, but we can't control it. Call your senator! ;)

What if it's cold? Or hot?

If temperatures outside are dangerous for wine, you order will be shipped to your local UPS location via temperature controlled truck. You will not receive a shipping notification until your wine arrives at your local UPS. The farther away you live, from Oregon, the longer this journey will take. If you live in Florida or New York, it could take up to 2 weeks. Please plan accordingly.

We are not able to track orders on temperature controlled trucks. We receive notifications at the same time that you do. It's a bit of a blackhole, but it is worth it to protect your wine and our work.

As soon as your wine lands at your local UPS hub, you'll receive a shipping notification and your wine will follow very quickly after.

I placed my order over a week ago and haven’t gotten any updates?

Remember the temperature controlled truck bit just above? When your order is on this truck, you will not be receiving any updates. Luckily this is the longest portion of transport. The truck will deliver the wine to a local UPS hub in your state and you will receive your first shipping update and the wine will be at your house and in your glass before you know it!

As a small artisan winery, the difference when working with us is that we care about each and every bottle that we produce and it is our intention to ensure that every bottle that has our name on it is up to the highest standard of quality. Hence, the temperature controlled trucks.

I’ve never ordered wine online before, is there anything special about alcoholic deliveries I need to know?

So glad you asked! Actually, yes. And this one is important! Because this is the delivery of an alcoholic beverage, or hopefully a few bottles of alcoholic beverages, someone who is over the age of 21 must be present when the wine is delivered. If someone is not at the mailing location when the package is delivered, UPS will notify you and make another attempt to deliver the wine

UPS will attempt to deliver your wine 3 times. If unsuccessful, your wine will sit at your UPS hub for 5 days before they send the package back to us. When this happens, additional shipping fees are incurred. If this was a mistake, as it most often is, we diligently work with our customers to get their wine to them by reshipping your order. HOWEVER, this means we have the initial shipping fee + the return shipping fee + the reshipping fee to get the wine to its forever home.

You can see those costs add up!! We're a small business and we can not cover these fees for you. If your wine is returned to Oregon, and you choose not to have it sent back, we will refund your order minus the cost of shipping the wine to you plus the cost of shipping the wine back to us.

Please be aware that someone must be present when the wine is delivered to avoid this unfortunate back and forth!

What is bottle variation and why doesn't every bottle taste the same?

The Marigny wines are all natural! They are unfiltered. Sediment is normal and adds to the flavor profile. Because these wines are organic, and natural, there is bottle variation and each bottle will closely resemble the next, but may have its own subtle characteristics. Carbonic Maceration traps some Co2 in the wine. Bottling processes can add to, decrease, or remove some of this Co2. Some bottles will have more “fizz” than others. Some may not have any fizz. All of them will be delicious.

Wines that taste exactly the same, bottle to bottle, often have unpleasant additives and dilution based blending to create an easily replicable flavor profile. We think that is dull. We won't ever do that.

I'm coming to Oregon and I would like to arrange a tasting!

We have a small tasting room in McMinnville, Oregon and we offer tastings with the winemaker to groups of 2 or more (by appointment only). Because we're a very small business, our winemaker, Andy Young, is also doing 99% of the winery work. He's also traveling a lot, as he likes to be in market to teach people about The Marigny. He is a busy fellow and for this reason, we cannot guarantee a tasting, though we'll try.

If you're interested in tasting with Andy, please shoot us an email at We'll check for availability and, if nothing works out, we're also happy to recommend events, restaurants, and natural wine bars which carry The Marigny.