The Marigny Wine Club

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Become a bonafide member of The Marigny and enjoy love, respect, and personal allocations.

We need a trusted squad to walk with The Marigny down a path of uncharted flavor sensations. Will you join us?

With your membership you will receive early access to all of our releases, guaranteed personal allocations of popular juices, limited releases, and at least one special (otherwise unavailable) wine from the mind of our beloved winemaker, Andy Young, every year. It's gonna be rad!


You get:

  1. A Spring, Summer, and Fall shipment.
  2. A guaranteed allocation of our lauded Pinot Noir Carbonic Maceration.
  3. You'll have first dibs on all new products.
  4. You'll save 15% on all club releases.
  5. You'll save 5% on every regular purchase you make.
  6. Your name on the guest list for exclusive release parties that are going to be so fire, you’ll be the envy of all your friends...aside from the one friend you’ll be able to bring with you.
  7. No cost to join! Your credit card will be billed when shipments go out.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How much will each club release cost?

    Here, at The Marigny, we price our wines by the grape. White grape wines retail at $20/bottle ($240/case) and red grape wines retail at $25/bottle ($300/case). With a 15% club discount, the club release price will range between $204 (saving $36) and $255 (saving $45) FOR AN ENTIRE CASE OF WINE. Each shipment, generally, will be a mix of both red and white grapes and the price will vary based on the winemaker selection.

    When will I be charged?

    We will send an email to all club members about a week before the release. The email will include information on the wine release, pricing information, and a shipping timeline. If you determine you would like to defer your membership, please send me a very timely email at and we'll walk through the process together. Please note that if you defer your membership, you are also deferring your club benefits.

    Can I unsubscribe?

    Of course. If you decide you would rather not be in The Marigny Wine Club, simply email and let me know what the issues are and I'll be happy to take care of you. Just remember this is a manual process, and we're a small team, so please do your best to let us know in advance. Once you wine is shipped, we cannot cancel the order.