The Wine Gang

We require a trusted squad of wine gangsters to join us on a path of uncharted flavor sensations.


Gang members receive early access to all releases, guaranteed allocations of popular juices, limited releases, and at least one special (otherwise unavailable) wine from the mind of our beloved winemaker, Andy Young.
Pinot Noir Carbonic Maceration gif
The Marigny does not run discounts or promotions. Our wine is poppin' and it's already priced fairly... but Gang Members, because they're key to our long term success, enjoy the Founders' Discount on their dispatches and the Homie Deal on everything else!

Perks of Membership:

  • You save 15% (Founders' Discount) on all dispatches
  • THREE special dispatches per year (Spring, Summer, Fall)
  • A guaranteed allocation of Pinot Noir Carbonic Maceration (yearly)
  • You save 5% (Homie Deal) on every other purchase you make
  • Your name on the guest list for exclusive release parties that are going to be so fire, you’ll be the envy of all your friends...aside from the one friend you’ll be able to bring with you.

Details of Membership: PLEASE READ

  • Savings are applied to your wine. Shipping and Taxes can not be discounted. Please don't compare us to your dad's wine club with free shipping. He's either getting shitty wine marked up to cover shipping or he's getting average wine marked up to cover shipping or he's getting expensive wine with giant margins to cover shipping. There is no free shipping. Someone is always paying for it. Surprise... it's not Jeff Bezos.
  • We currently only send FULL CASES of wine in our dispatches. 12 bottles at a time. This is necessary to make the discount pencil out economically. Remember, we are never over charging. Brands that run discounts all the time artificially inflate their MSRP in an effort to manipulate consumer impulses. Follow us, we'll show you how to avoid those suckers.
  • You will typically receive an email 1 week prior to an upcoming dispatch. You've got about 3 days to email us with any changes. Remember, there are only three of us working in the entire company. We'r real. So we require real time.
  • Your credit card will be charged, automatically, when we launch the dispatch. Your juice will never be more than $255 (and sometimes as little as $204), but you'll also be paying your state's taxes and UPS shipping (no markup). Depending on where you live, you need to be able to afford between $275 and $300 three times a year. Please prioritize your well being!
  • One dispatch, per year, will be 12 bottles of Pinot Noir Carbonic Maceration. The other two dispatches will be mixed. We may add the ability to choose your own wine, down the line, but we currently don't have the ability to manage that. Stay with us!