2019 Oregon Pinot Gris Super Deluxe Cuvee
2019 Oregon Pinot Gris Super Deluxe Cuvee

The Marigny

2019 Oregon Pinot Gris Super Deluxe Cuvee

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Taste / Feel

Persimmons in the hoshigaki style / the red clay roads of North-Central Louisiana / sungold tomatoes straight from the vine (or green cardboard at the market) / the prickly green bits that attach to your hands and arms when said tomatoes are picked and how you realize at that moment that chlorophyll tastes of premonition, memory and hope, all rolled into one.



Our “2019 Oregon Pinot Gris, Super Deluxe Cuvee” is how I like to think of things hoped for but not immediately seen. Very similar in style to our Pinot Gris, Carbonic Maceration, but with some portions getting a week longer carbonic and the entire lot getting 10 months in neutral French oak. This wine is composed of fruit from two vineyards: 75% comes from our new North Plains site, which sits at 500 ft elevation, is certified organic by Oregon Tilth, and has been farmed organic since day one. The other 25% comes from our main site in North Plains, where 27 yr old own-rooted Pinot Gris vines intermingle with coastal winds and Doug Fir trees at 900 ft elevation. The incredibly cool growing season, and our commitment to never add anything to the wines, led to a longer maceration in all of the skin-contact wines in an effort to draw out texture in the absence of our target alcohol, which is normally around 12% to 12.5%. This particular wine, which is new to the family, clocks in at a much lower 10.2%. In the end, just like the 2019 Pinot Gris Carbonic Maceration, this is a food wine, and especially a food wine with fall delights such as roasted root vegetables with tahini, Kale Cae Sal, and - dare we say - festivus sammies at noon. So welcome with us, the newest member of the Marigny family, 2019 Pinot Gris, Super Deluxe Cuvee.