2019 Pinot Gris, Direct Press Sur Lie
2019 Pinot Gris, Direct Press Sur Lie

The Marigny

2019 Pinot Gris, Direct Press Sur Lie

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Taste / Feel

Lemon lime pound cake / church picnics / filling an above-ground swimming pool in summer while intermittently drinking straight from the hose / tire-swinging into a below-ground swimming hole that’s a tributary of the coldest mountain spring water / thinking summer is never going to end / realizing that an endless summer is just what you need 


The 2019 Direct Press Sur Lie Pinot Gris is all that and especially good with a bag of salty potato chips. The fruit for this wine comes entirely from our high elevation vineyard in the North Plains area of the Willamette Valley. Here, wind blown silt soils from the Columbia Gorge (science-types call it Loess Soil) sit on top of clay, which in turn grow the low pH, high acid fruit that makes the basis for all of our Marigny wines. Every vineyard we've entered into a relationship with in the last two years has been with this central site in mind. 

In partnership with our vineyard consultant, we've been able to transform these 17 acres, previously conventionally farmed, into a bio-diverse vineyard cultivating native Willamette Valley species alongside our grapes. We use zero pesticides and have completely eliminated glyphosate (Round-Up) use in this vineyard.

This is by far the most bright, textural, and downright delicious version of our Direct Press Pinot Gris that we have ever made. It is a testament to the quality of the farming and to the time spent at the press. A rare stunner, savor it but don't save it. This wine was made for the sunshine. 

Due to demand, and limited supply, this particular wine will be limited to Wine Gang members only. 


Directly pressed into neutral French Oak barrels (no oak flavor imparted due to multiple uses) with no settling prior to going to barrel (full lees contact or what is often called Sur Lie). Wine was never racked and lees were stirred one time after fermentation was complete. 

Bottled from a stainless holding tank after being racked directly from barrel. No fining, no filtration. 


Analyte Result:
Sample ID: P GRIS DP
Sample #: 2006120023

Analysis Date: 6/12/20

Titratable Acidity 6.9 g/L 6/12/2020
pH 3.05 6/12/2020
Volatile Acidity (Acetic Acid) 0.36 g/L 
Free Sulfur Dioxide (FSO2) 8 mg/L 
Molecular SO2 (MSO2) 0.44 mg/L 
L-Malic Acid < 0.10 g/L 
Glucose + Fructose 0.2 g/L 
Ethanol 10.09 % vol