2020 Auxerrois Blanc Super Deluxe Cuvée
2020 Auxerrois Blanc Super Deluxe Cuvée

The Marigny

2020 Auxerrois Blanc Super Deluxe Cuvée

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Taste/Feel: #YouFancy, Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme from the jar, cashmere sweaters, what you want your mom's Chardonnay to taste like when you come home for Thanksgiving

Vineyard: A hidden site in the McMinnville AVA that was destined to be ripped out and converted to CBD production the year we took it over. We lovingly call it "Flop House" as the vines had been done in a "flop" or "sprawl" style of trellising when we took it over. The vineyard was originally farmed Lutte Raisonnée and has since been converted to full organic practices with the intention to completely remove any controls or organic sprays from certain sections for the coming 2022 vintage

Fermentation: Whole cluster pressed into old neutral barrels on gross lees and never stirred or racked until bottling

Bottling Date: 08/23/21

Full Chemistry:
Titratable Acidity 6.4g/L
pH 3.22
Volatile Acidity (Acetic Acid) 0.47g/L
Free Sulfur Dioxide (FSO2) 0mg/L
Molecular SO2 (MSO2) 0mg/L
L-Malic Acid 0.19g/L
Glucose + Fructose 0.11g/L
Ethanol 12.69% vol