2020 Oregon Pinot Gris Super Deluxe Cuvée
2020 Oregon Pinot Gris Super Deluxe Cuvée

The Marigny

2020 Oregon Pinot Gris Super Deluxe Cuvée

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Taste/Feel: Crunchy maple leaves on sunny pavement, sun dried tomatoes with the stems still attached, sepia tone photos of your grandparents, amari

Vineyard(s): Four sites currently go into the Super Deluxe Pinot Gris: Two from the North Plains that we farm ourselves with organic practices, including a variety of cover crops such as native flowers, edible greens and root vegetables. The third is Chehalem Mountains and is farmed organically in collaboration with the owners and the fourth is in the McMinnville AVA and was farmed Lutte Raisonnée in 2020 (and has since converted to organic practices in collaboration with our team and the owners)

Fermentation: Dependent on tank / vineyard, 2 to 3 weeks of carbonic fermentation, pressed directly into old neutral barrels on gross lees and never stirred or racked until bottling

Bottling Date: 08/24/21

Full Chemistry:
Titratable Acidity 6.1g/L
pH 3.65
Volatile Acidity (Acetic Acid) 0.62g/L
Free Sulfur Dioxide (FSO2) 0mg/L
Molecular SO2 (MSO2) 0mg/L
L-Malic Acid 0g/L
Glucose + Fructose -0.02g/L
Ethanol 11.46% vol