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The Marigny partners with VinoShipper, WineCo Services, and UPS to handle storage, packing, and shipping.

If you have any questions or concerns about your shipping, please contact:

As is the law of the land, once your wine leaves our facility, it's no longer "owned" by The Marigny. VinoShipper has excellent customer service and will do everything they can to accommodate your needs.

If you'd like to volunteer to help with harvest, bottling, internships, etc: Please send an email, with resume, to:

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The Marigny wines are all natural. They are unfiltered. Sediment is normal and adds to the flavor profile. Because these wines are organic, and natural, there is bottle variation and each bottle will closely resemble the next, but may have it's own subtle characteristics. Carbonic Maceration traps some Co2 in the wine. Bottling processes can add to, decrease, or remove some of this Co2. Some bottles will have more "fizz" than others. Some may not have any fizz. All of them will be delicious.

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