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Buying wine online, how does it work?

At The Marigny, we partner with several different businesses to facilitate your delivery in a safe, compliant, and timely manner. Our primary partners are VinoShipper, WineCo, and UPS. Here’s how it all comes together:

First, you shop for delicious low intervention (all good intention) wines on You’ll choose all your favorites, add them to your cart, and click the checkout button!

Second, after you click “checkout,” you’ll be directed to to complete your purchase. VinoShipper is responsible for ensuring our processing and fulfillment is compliant with US and state laws.

During your first Marigny checkout you’ll need to provide your birthdate and upload a photo of your ID to demonstrate that you’re of legal drinking age.

Next you’ll be presented with shipping options. Ground Shipping is only available when weather conditions allow for safe delivery (generally in the spring and the fall).

Too hot? Too cold? Nah… In those situations Ground Shipping is out and “lickity split” shipping is the only way to go. We strongly recommend Overnight Shipping if anything is frozen or on fire. Yes, we understand that it is more expensive… But it’s not more expensive than a broken heart. Nor is it more expensive than losing your juice to evil heat or wicked cold. Sales are final and your destiny (or that of your wine) is in your hands.

We don’t currently offer a continuous pickup option… We’re a small, founder operated business and we don’t have any full time employees to manage these logistics. If you’d like to inquire about picking up, you can email and we’ll do what we can to help ya out.

Third, once complete, your order will be sent to WineCo for fulfillment. WineCo is the licensed and bonded facility where we store our (now your) wine. They will pick, pack, and post your order for shipment via UPS.

When your UPS label is generated you will receive a tracking number and prepare for delivery. This process is made easier, in all ways, if you sign up for a free UPS My Choice account. Your tracking number will show movement once UPS picks up your parcel from WineCo. Once en route, you can use the UPS My Choice tool to manage, reroute, etc., your parcel.

Finally, to unlock ultra premium bliss and receive your Marigny wines shipment, a person of legal drinking age must show a government ID upon delivery. If there is not an adult present, UPS will attempt to deliver your wine 3 times. If unsuccessful, your wine will sit at your UPS hub for 5 days before they send the package back to us. When this happens, additional shipping fees are incurred. If this was a mistake, as it most often is, we diligently work with our customers to get their wine to them by reshipping your order.

HOWEVER, this means we have the initial shipping fee + the return shipping fee + the re-shipping fee to get the wine to its forever home.

You can see those costs add up!! We're a small business and we can not cover these fees for you. If your wine is returned to Oregon, and you choose not to have it sent back, we will refund your order minus the cost of shipping the wine to you plus the cost of shipping the wine back to us.

Can I change my order after I've placed it?

Yes, but read this closely: There is a very small window in which you can change your order. First, attempt to change it through your VinoShipper account. If you can’t sort it, email and explain your scenario. We’ll do what we can to help. Please remember, sales are final and as soon as you purchase the wine, ownership legally transfers from us to you (compliance regulations). There’s only so much we can do, so act fast!

What is a Grape Friend?!?

OurGrape Friendsreceive early access to all releases, guaranteed allocations of popular wines, limited releases, and at least one unique (otherwise unavailable) bottling per year from the mind of winemaker, Andy Young. The Marigny does not run discounts or promotions. Our wine is legit and it's already priced fairly... but our GRAPE FRIENDS, because they're key to our long term success, enjoy the Faubourg (aka: Neighborhood) Discount on their dispatches and the GFF Deal on everything else!

To read all of the details and make the jump, head over to the Grape Friends' page: Become a Grape Friend →

What’s that at the bottom // What is bottle variation // Why doesn't each bottle taste identical to the last?

The Marigny wines are made without the use of commercial yeasts, fining agents or filtration. They’re just grapes and a little bit of SO2 for stability. Many of our bottles will have sediment in them. This is normal and (we feel) adds to the flavor profile. Because these wines contain a living biome, slight bottle and vintage variation may occur, giving each wine its own subtle characteristics. The main priority of making wines that taste exactly the same, bottle to bottle, vintage to vintage is to create an easily replicable flavor profile, no matter what happened over the course of the year. Here at The Marigny, we’re about celebrating our surroundings, remembering the past and toasting to the future.

Do ya'll host tastings?

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Natural wines. Low intervention wines. Grapes that are grown with intention on land that is loved. Taking those grapes and making real wine from them. Not always knowing how that wine will turn out. Striving to do the best we can for us, for you and for the communities that surround us. Pulling corks. Pouring glasses. Making new friends and keeping up with old ones. Finding the porch that’s in our heart and sitting on it for a good, long while.

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Do y'all host tastings?

Because we’re so small (staffing wise), yet so mighty (wine wise), we’re currently not receiving guests into the winery so we can focus on the vintage at hand…, but we plan to try and do so in the future. Make sure to sign up for email updates so when we do, you’ll be the first to know. You’ll also get the 411 on events in your area, cool upcoming wines, and much more.

How do I apply to help with harvest?

If you'd like to work harvest with us, please visit Harvest Work. When you inquire, please be sure to share what your experience is and why you’re interested in working with us.

How do I get in touch with The Marigny?

To send a general inquiry, or say "hey", or "great work", or something along those lines, please use the general Contact Us page.

If you're a journalist and you'd like to request assets, an interview, or extend an invitation, please contact

If you have questions about the website, who we are, what we're up to, or how to grow an average beard, please contact

If you have questions about our social media, creating a strategic partnership, kicking in on a collaboration, our manifesto, or how to grow a perfect beard, please contact

Can't find what you're looking for but you really tried with all your heart?

We're happy to help with any questions:

Because our team is small, and it can take us a minute to respond, we ask that you first attempt to answer your questions by looking at our FAQ page above. If you can't find what you need above, please send us a message here and we'll respond as quickly as we're able.

Please note: We don't respond to any solicitations.

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