Grape Friends Club

  • Benefits of Membership:

    Personal Allocations
    Our Grape Friends receive early access to all releases, guaranteed allocations of popular wines, limited releases, and at least one exclusive (otherwise unavailable) bottling per year.

    Access to St. Reginald Parish 
    We now release the St. Reginald Parish wines alongside The Marigny. These are our founder Andrew Reginald Young’s most personal of wines, made for the table and nice enough to bring home to meet the parents. As a Grape Friend, you’ll have first access to these ultra-limited bottlings, which account for less than 5% of our total production.

    Real Savings
    The Marigny does not run discounts or promotions. Our wine is legit and it's already priced fairly... but our GRAPE FRIENDS, because they're key to our long term success, enjoy the Faubourg Discount1 on their dispatches and the GFF Deal2 on everything else!

      1. Faubourg Discount ~ AKA: "Neighborhood"
        Pronounced, "fau·​bourg" ~ \ fō-ˈbu̇r \
        Up to 20% savings on all club dispatches!
      2. GFF Deal ~ AKA: "Grape Friends Forever"
        Save 5% on all purchases!


    Perks of Membership
    In addition to the Faubourg Discount, all Grape Friends also save 5% on non-club related purchases as well! We call this the GFF Deal. Savings are applied to the cost of wine. Shipping and Taxes can not be discounted.

  • Grape Friends Registration Form:

    There is no cost to sign up! You will be billed 1 - 4 weeks before wine ships. Club releases ship in Spring and Fall, when the weather is nice for wine in transit... Please read ALL "Club Details" below.

!! ~ PLEASE READ ~ !!

Club Details


Savings:Your benefits (Faubourg Discount, GFF Discount) are applied to your wine. Shipping and Taxes can not be discounted.

Club Shipping

We know that some wine clubs offer "free" shipping. We simply ask you to understand that there is no such thing as free shipping and you're definitely paying for it, they're just not telling you how.


You will typically receive an email 1 week prior to an upcoming dispatch. You've got about 3 days to email us with any changes. Remember, there are only three of us. We're real. So we require real time. Act fast to avoid issues when we go live.


Your credit card will be charged, automatically, when we launch the dispatch. The cost is equivalent to the cost of the wines in your allocation (our wines are currently between $24 and $29 a bottle) with your automatic discount applied, plus your state's taxes, and shipping. These are real wines, that take real time and intention and as a result, there is a real cost associated. We do everything we can to keep costs low. To date, ownership has taken a draw from profits and everything has gone into making the wines better and taking care of our staff, growers and interns. When we say “Low intervention, all good intention”, it’s for real.

Cancel Anytime

While we never want to lose touch with you, we understand that circumstances change and we're here to help in whatever way we can.

If you'd like to cancel your membership, please send an email to prior to the next release. Once your wine has shipped, we can not cancel the current allocation.


Need another reason to become a GRAPE FRIEND?

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