2020 Oregon Pinot Noir Super Deluxe Cuvée
2020 Oregon Pinot Noir Super Deluxe Cuvée

The Marigny

2020 Oregon Pinot Noir Super Deluxe Cuvée

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Taste/Feel: Crunch berries, cherry chapstick, micro-hiking in the summer when the forest is perfumed with new growth, raspberry sorbet (we think we love you), European cafés when you're young and invincible

Vineyard(s): Three sites currently go into Super Deluxe Pinot Noir: All are from the North Plains area of the Willamette Valley. We farm these sites ourselves (in collaboration with our team and the owners) with organic practices, including a variety of cover crops such as native flowers, edible greens and root vegetables

Fermentation: Dependent on tank / vineyard, 1 to 3 weeks of carbonic fermentation, pressed directly into old neutral barrels on gross lees and never stirred or racked until bottling

Bottling Date: 08/24/21

Full Chemistry:
Titratable Acidity 6.2g/L
pH 3.54
Volatile Acidity (Acetic Acid) 0.69g/L
Free Sulfur Dioxide (FSO2) 0mg/L
Molecular SO2 (MSO2) 0mg/L
L-Malic Acid 0g/L
Glucose + Fructose -0.04g/L
Ethanol 11.52% vol